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Getting your startup noticed is hard. You might have a great idea for your startup, some fine people on your team, but how do you get your startup noticed?

GoGoGrow.It makes getting your startup noticed a little easier.

We have a ton of directories, blogs, magazines, investors, advertisors, and communities in our database. And they can all help you to get your startup noticed.

Whether you are looking to get listed in directories, want to find possible investors, or are in the phase of looking for beta-users, we’ve got you covered.

We have 5 basic channel types in our database:

  • Advertisors
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Communities
  • Investors


If you want to get your company noticed through advertisement, this category lists the places most suitable to start placing ads.


All websites and apps where time-sensitive articles are posted fall in this category. Some of the best possibilities to quickly boost your SEO can be found in this category.


This category lists all sort of communities centered around the startup- and/or tech ecosystems. Communities can be a great way to gain name recognition among your target audience. On top of that, a lot of communities are suitable places to find beta users for your startup.


The web has a lot of directories, and the quality differs greatly. Some directories can put your product out to a massive audience, while others will get you noticed by no more than a handful of people.


If you want to grow your startup beyond what you can finance yourself, this is a great category. Here we list a collection of different types of investment firms.